Room Diffuser by Ester + Erik - White Thyme and Moss

Room Diffuser by Ester + Erik - White Thyme and Moss

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E + E scented candles and diffusers are manufactured in handmade ceramic jars in matte pastel shades with a lid made of polished silver steel.

Hidden in the shadows of the forest, you walk to the beat of your heart. The scent of aromatic, herbal greens and oak moss awake your senses as the sun comes through the trees and lights the way.

Instructions for diffusers:

Carefully pour the content of the refill bottle in the ceramic jar.

Place the metal lid on the jar and insert the sticks. We recommend you to start with 8 sticks. If you wish a greater scent throw you can use 10 sticks. The more sticks you use, the stronger the scent and the faster you will empty the diffuser. 

Diffusion time may vary from 6 to 10 weeks depending on the fragrance and temperature of the room.

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