Dried Floral Extravaganza

We at Interior Couture have been inspired by the works of Signe Bay to construct a suspended dried floral arrangement (they caught our eye late last year). The research became an all-consuming hunt for the most beautiful, dried botanicals in the world. We sourced them from Asia, North and South America. After seeing many other attempts online, we decided on an asymmetric and organic sculpture for the final arrangement.
After much discussion on how to make the base, we decided to use the dried manzanita branches and wire them together with a fine pliable (we looked at many) netted wire mesh that was suitable to insert and hold the dried materials. It was a three-day construction event at our studio with lots of mess and fun! We began with the sola flowers, baby’s breath, bunny tails, sun palms and hanging amaranthus. For the final touch we filled it out with white moss.
It will be an ongoing process as we continue to add and subtract seasonal colours and driedflorals to the sculpture.

The current dried floral composition consists of:
Sola flowers
Dried bunny tails
Dried pine fern
Dried blue misty
Fresh, naturally dried babys breath
Dried Italian ruscus
Preserved lepidium
Preserved hanging amaranthus
Manzanita branches
Dried sun palms
Watch the video below for the behind the scenes on this process! 

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