Blush Cone Candle by Ester + Erik

Blush Cone Candle by Ester + Erik

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A sister to the taper, the cone candle with its its clean and classic shape stands elegantly by itself, but you can also choose to put it on other surfaces such as a glass plate, a raw cement table or a marble plate - everything is possible because you do not have to have a candlestick to hold the light. It still maintains the elegant, slender look that distinguishes it as an Ester & Erik candle. 

The candle is self-extinguishing, so the flame dies out 1.0"  from the bottom To ensure the candle burns in the best possible way, we recommend keeping the wick short, placing candles min. 4.0" apart, and avoiding placing candles in draughts or above a radiator. For candles with a lacquer, gold or silver coating, it is important – after putting out the candle with an extinguisher – to remove the outermost layer of lacquer from the depression around the wick so that the candle can be relit without any difficulty.

100% pure fragrance-free paraffin wax, wick 100% cotton, candle extinguisher recommended.

3 sizes

25cm / 9" 

37cm / 14.5"

48cm / 19"

Made in Denmark.

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