Art of the Table


The art of the table starts with the layering of textures and materials...
beautiful fabrics, plush shearling, smooth stone, glimmering glass,
and polished metals illuminated by glowing candlelight.

With more of our time spent at home, the emphasis on dining
has never been greater. Experience the beauty and comfort in
indoor and outdoor spaces that only quality materials and
can provide.

Combining traditional techniques and craftsmanship,
our heathered linen tablecloths, runners, and placemats with
artisanal hand fringed edges add a relaxed yet sophisticated
look to your tabletop. Available in grounded neutral colours
of grey, blue, and sand. Additional colour choices are available
in store only. All machine washable. Custom sizes are welcomed,
it's what we excel at!
Designed by Interior Couture & hand made in Canada.


Our Nomad Napkins in textured cotton with laundered finish
and hand fringed edges are available in 12 natural hues that will
add sensational textures and subtle colours to your tabletop.  
Why did we call the collection Nomad? Inspired by the nomadic
tribes throughout history, the fringed and tasselled fabrics are
traditional goods integral to their lifestyle.


 Our Nomad Placemats in heathered linen a celebration of pure
and innovative craftsmanship with double fringed edges add a
relaxed yet sophisticated look to the table. 



Chrysanthemums are globally adored and generally
symbolize happiness and friendship. We love to float flowers
in beautiful glass arranging required! 

Our curated collection of Ester + Eric Candles from Denmark
are beautiful sculptures in themselves as the light up the night. 


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