Everyday Essentials

Elevate your hand washing routine with our hand-crafted Caravan
and Nomad  towels.  Inspired by the bohemian, grace your powder
room with style and whimsy.
Our stone washed Caravan towels inspired by faraway lands are
made of 100% linen decorated with colourful cotton tassels
made by a women's cooperative in India.  A variety of colours
reflect the warmth of tagine spices, the cool and calming blues
of the ocean, earth tones of granite and stone, and the ripeness
of summer berries that we are so longing for.
Our Nomad hand towels have carefully paired colours of textured
cotton, defined by a column of artisanal hand fringing. Choose
from six different colourways, to accent your interior. 
Designed by Interior Couture and made in Canada these
luxurious hand towels are exclusive to our Rosedale Studio.

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